Life Enthusiast

I live in a little mountain town in British Columbia in a home my husband and I built. 10 years later, I birthed my daughter in a pool in our living room, looking over the mountain vistas.  My intuition has always guided me to experiences promoting my growth. It has been my rose compass to navigate my time here. Living this way led me to be a traveller, yogi, musician, artist, builder, doula, HypnoBirthing educator, placenta encapsulator, cetacean lover, massage practitioner, retreat facilitator, spa owner, wife and mother. This is my first time being a writer.

I’m writing this blog mostly for myself. I’m not here to convince you of anything or to tell you how to live. Every entry will be a reminder of the path that I have chosen and to live the lessons I’m learning.

I want to share because stories of others trusting their own ability to heal inspired me to stay on course. Cancer came to me as a powerful mentor, summoning me to deep dive within myself. There is a quiet place beneath the turbulence of fear, where I am shown the way. I have to believe that this process is my evolution. I have to go all in and follow the breadcrumbs. I’m embracing this journey for what it is. I am here now, accepting this wild and wonderful human experience without knowing where it will lead me.