Stepping Into The Quantum Field

A parable came my way and it stuck. It said something like this…

There’s a man on the road to self realization. His destination is fathomable yet, he is unsure of how to get there. He’s been following the path that he’s on with the daunting knowledge that one day, it will come to a fork. Which way will he go once he gets there? Pondering the inevitable point of decision making, dread dawns on him. He is tormented by the 50-50 chance of making the wrong decision. The closer he gets to the intersection, the more anxious he feels… Whilst absorbed in the potential future dilemma, he is missing gifts along the current path. With his shoulders slumped and head bowed down, he finally reaches the fork. He lifts his head and sees a huge sign that says “Go This Way”.

I’m learning that you don’t need to know how to get where you want to get to. You just need to be clear of the destination and experience it like you are already there. One day, sometime in mid October around the time I finished my grape fast, a profound occurrence spontaneously wired into my circuit. I was mindfully walking, matching meaningful breaths with every conscious step. The fall colors, celebrated the initiation of dormancy in hues of brilliant amber and gold. How can I be broken when I feel so alive?

I stepped through an invisible door- into an alternate reality where I did not have cancer. It was not just a thought or a fantasy…I experienced it. I felt every cell in my body pulsating -robustly imbued with life force. I ecstatically experienced my impromptu remission with all of my senses- so much so that tender tears streamed down my face. In an exalted state of sublime knowing, gratitude washed over me wave after wave. There was absolutely nothing wrong with me.

The message was potent and clear. I am not broken, I am whole, I am perfect, I AM living, I am here… A new practice was set in place, like an imprint into my blueprint. I would recruit my feelings and experience my intention as if I have already attained it. I focused on the end goal- fusing it with emotion- eradicating the need to know how.

I didn’t know the physics at the time to understand that I had stepped into the Quantum Field. I visited a timeless, parallel reality where I was healed – magnetized to go there again and again. Soon after that walk, Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work dropped into my life to reinforce my Quantum assimilation. I was in awe as he described what I had experienced from an energetic reference point.

Dr. Joe says, “From a Quantum Perspective, if you observe yourself in a particular new future that was different from your past- expected that reality to occur, and then emotionally embraced the outcome, you’d be for-a moment- living in that future reality, and you would be conditioning your body to believe that it was in the future in the present moment. The body doesn’t know the difference between an experience and a thought. You can literally change your biology, neural circuitry, chemistry, hormones and genes simply by having an inner event.”

At the basic level Quantum science made sense to me. Dr. Sue Morter’s book “The Energy Codes” simplified Quantum physics to my level of understanding. Her book was like a manual explaining my innate knowing from a greater vantage point. I was already following my intuition, doing what she wrote about- skimming the surface of my expansive potential. That fact alone fortified the interconnectedness of Energy Beings. Dr. Morter calls life on Earth “Project Awakening”- I say “Hell ya!”

With a deeper understanding of how to utilize the Quantum field, I began to fine tune my practice with focus and intent. I used practical exercises in her book to ignite new circuits to manifest my reality. I accepted my reality as a reflection of my energy and made necessary adjustments to stay true to my aspirations. It’s a constant practice fluxing between what was and what can be.

Everything is made up of energy. Even at the smallest atomic level, there is energy vibrating. Our reality is the manifestation of our energy frequencies. What we vibrate is what we bring in. Wanting is different then having. When you are wanting, you are vibrating from a frequency of lack, thus attracting the same kind of energy pattern. When you have, it’s a different frequency all together. By creating a frequency of already having what you want with all the feelings attached to it, you draw like energy into your life. That is the gist of how quantum physics works.

I sit with having what I want. I have select music that induces alpha/theta brain wave state where one is most suggestable. I learned this through basic hypnotherapy. I use grounding breaths to take residence in myself. Once settled within, I scan my energy body. When I’m really tuned in, I can feel the subtle current- I get it flowing until I’m an open conduit between earth and sky. As an open vessel, I aim to love myself wholeheartedly before cycling through images of my projected reality. I live it as if it’s happening in real time.

I step into my dining room where my dearest friends and family are gathered to make my big announcement. I am bursting with excitement as I declare, “I did it! My body healed!” My friends explode in jubilation- picking me up, twirling me around, squeezing me with love- confetti everywhere and music is cued right on time for us to bust a move in celebration!

I’m walking down the stone steps in my wedding dress with a traditional Japanese sash wrapped around my waist. I am growing tall with every step, inhabiting myself with authenticity-moving closer to my love awaiting me at the altar. We are surrounded by loved ones-those who have witnessed my journey. I am beautiful, radiant and in pristine health- showing up with presence to our binding ceremony. I make my vow to myself and to my husband.

Most days, my meditations conclude with a flood of gratitude- because gratitude comes from already having something that you are grateful for. Gratitude amplifies emotion and superfies the power to manifest. I did this for months until I truly stepped into the reality I experienced so many times before. On Aug. 23, 2020 I married my love, exactly as I created it.

Dr. Morter; a master of bioenergetic medicine explains that health is a return to the Soulful Self. There’s a line from her book that I continuously come home to when I get shaky. Everything happens for our benefit-everything. No matter how dark our lives may seem, there lies an opportunity to wake up to ourselves- as the creators of our existence. Dr. Morter says pain and suffering comes from the Protective Self that believes that we are broken, inadequate, and alone. Our issues come from forgetting our true nature- our capabilities and potential as energy beings. Rather than focusing on what is wrong with us, what would happen if we claimed our experiences as a process of our evolution?

My favourite parable in “The Energy Codes” is the Cosmic Bus Stop. This is where Souls hang out pausing before the next incarnation. Souls are conversing about what they need to learn in the next life for their evolution. One says, I want to learn unconditional love, another says courage, while another says understanding my true nature. The conversation goes on and on. “I’m going in for a level 10 lesson on forgiveness” says someone. “Wow, that’s intense, how you gonna do that?” asks the others. “Well, someone would have to do something reprehensible- like drink too much and get in a head on collision with me and kill someone I love while crippling me. I would have to endure anger, pain and immense suffering until I recognize my unforgiveness is the cause of my suffering. Then I would have to forgive. Who wants to volunteer to be the drunk driver?” A brave Soul pipes up and volunteers because he is ready for a level 10 lesson on Self Love. In this way, both Souls set their intentions for their incarnations- initiating each other’s evolution.

What if we are all generating our own challenges, hardships, and pain for our Soul’s progression? What if it’s a gift to awaken to our magnificence no matter how excruciating it gets? I’ve thought of her parable many times thinking of all the unjust, horrific realities that humans are made to endure. This idea turns victimhood into an expansive opportunity for growth. The larger picture helps me to accept not just my own adversities, but to see world as an intricate web of souls playing out their contract.

LESSON: “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality. This is not philosophy, this is physics”. -Albert Einstein

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