False Evidence Appearing to be Real

Patterns attributing to my state of being became evident- leading me to make the necessary adjustments. Knowing that energy follows attention, I calibrated with what elevated my frequency. I distanced myself from social media, I stayed away from negative people, I altered my vocabulary to accommodate possibility, I sought out people who empowered me, and I only followed research that inspired me.

Cancer is neon sign that says “FRAGILE-HANDLE WITH CARE”. People treat you differently- you become misinterpreted. You’re suddenly in the limelight as the one pressed against time. You become the representative of the inevitable ending that we all must face. It scares people… Who you are as person becomes secondary to the diagnosis.

I stopped associating myself as someone with cancer. I burned the neon sign. I was not fragile, I did not feel sick, and I did not want to be handled with care. Quite the contrary, I had never felt better in my life! For the first time in a long time, my life was simple. My only job was to look after myself and my family. For most of my adult life, my energy was directed outwardly. My lump spun me 180° and turned me inward.

When I taught natural birth classes, my primary goal was to downgrade fear. In order to do that, negative beliefs around birth needed to change. I got moms pumped on their original design. I amazed them with true facts about their unique anatomy and it’s miraculous capabilities. I affirmed their role as creators- empowering them with knowledge. If they didn’t believe in themselves, I helped them to believe in the function of their body. I showed them “what is” rather then “what if’s”. Energy follows thought. Assuming the worst case scenario robs us of our potential.

The body responds to perceived threats even if it is not real. That means there is a biological reaction to F.E.A.R. to ensure our survival. If I believe that someone is following me- my blood pressure would rise, there’d be a rush of adrenaline, heart rate would increase, and my breaths would quicken to help me out run the non existent perpetrator. The thought creates a chain reaction to prioritize my immediate survival, which puts healing on the back burner. What would happen if we are in a constant state of F.E.A.R?

Our beliefs reflect how we interpret the world around us. It’s influenced by cultural conditioning, herd mentality, what we’ve learned, heard, and experienced through life. It’s the filter in which we experience our reality. If we are to overcome F.E.A.R we must look at the structure of our beliefs.

My healing protocol was quite simple- Do whatever it takes to believe in myself. When fear slammed into me, I examined it’s source. Was it warranted? Is the threat actual? Where did it come from?

It became painfully obvious when I let my guard down because my body retaliated with physical symptoms. I paid a hefty price when my mind went running with F.E.A.R. It took an incredible amount of discipline and faith to reel myself back in. When I succeeded, my symptoms went away. I used my pitfalls as data to strengthen my core belief that healing is a mindset. It takes practice.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.

-Albert Einstein


Confused, scared and doubting myself.
F.E.A.R lead me to believe that cancer spread to my eyes. Against my better judgement, I googled breast cancer and eyes. I found numerous articles relating breast cancer to ocular metastasis. Bone shattering fear had a direct effect . The very next day my eyes exploded!
Close to throwing in the towel…In my last ditch effort to stay on my path- I gave myself 3 days to radically shift my state. It was the greatest test of my belief. I went all in and reset my mindset.
You know what…I did it! This is me after 3 days. I did not take any medications.

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