This post is an edited excerpt from a story I started years ago. It’s eerily a precognition of my healing journey. Remembery is a word I created…thinking about a time before I was inflicted with the “I’m not enough” program. Perhaps it was before this life time…remembering the memory of who I truly am. Remembery…

“Akasha gasped beneath the dead weight over her chest. Crushed under the massive load of the Lackling, her lungs laboured for sustenance. Dread echoed throughout her body as she frantically thrashed against the formidable bulk. Hundreds of creeping tendrils twisted around her, looking for a way in. 

Under the sudden assault, Akasha’s state of Remembery was slight. She was discombobulated…the leverage against her was profound. In a moment the tendrils would reach the essence of her Remembery. Soon, she would lose herself completely and become one of them…

It would be so much easier to just let go….to let it have me…


Remembery commanded- “Be still!

Akasha immediately directed her focus inward. She let the outside world fall away as she dove into her center. Slowing down her heartbeat, she aligned with every pulse… every beat was confirming that she was still alive. Her life was so incredibly precious… Then she felt it. The golden glow of gratitude swept through her-dissolving every limiting belief she had of herself. The light revealed an extraordinary being…the essence of her Remembery. The Eternal One- that- she – IS.

She was of One. There was no end…there was no lack, there was no fear…there was no separation….She saw herself in the Lackling. The part of herself that had forgotten who she was. The part of herself that was never enough… It was not a monster. It was lost-detached from its essence, trying to feed on what it was missing.

There in a still awakening, the incantation came back to her. Like a blade of grass breaking through the concrete. Akasha screamed out the sacred mantra with the last bit of air left in her lungs.  “ISBEEEEEEE!” The Lackling freed from it’s eternal lack, instantly dissipated into the universe.

Remembery is Truth- passed on from the first breath of the first Be-Ing from whence we all came. We existed in supreme wholeness until Duality took place. A seed of a small thought provoked separation-individualization. That’s how we became disconnected…that’s how the Lacklings came to be. Remembery is what brings us home to ourselves when we get lost- lest we wander too far away…”


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