33 Day Grape Fast

Maybe things fall apart in order to be put back together in a better way. A solid structure can’t be built on a shoddy foundation. In order to regenerate my system I decided to start with a meticulous deep clean of my insides. I instinctively responded to my diagnosis by going on an alkaline diet. As a health professional I knew that inflammation is the leading cause of disease. Dismissing foods that are acidic in nature seemed like the rational thing to do. I stopped eating meat, dairy, grains, beans, nuts, seeds and gluten. I needed to go deeper…

Synchronicities became more acute as I utilized my intuition like a tuning fork. It was clear to me that I needed professional guidance for a complete detox protocol. I didn’t want to get bombarded via internet research and get caught up in the vortex of vast opinions and contradictions. I wanted a direct line through someone who had experienced results. I put it out to the Powers Be to set me up.

I don’t believe in coincidences. I bumped into a friend of mine who introduced me to the work of Dr. Robert Morse-a naturopathic physician, biochemist, iridologist and master herbalist. Like myself, Amanda had been primarily on a Paleo/ Keto type diet for many years. After discovering Dr. Morse she switched to a high fruit and raw food diet. Within a couple of months, she miraculously reversed Hashimoto autoimmune disease. She also cured Babesiosis-a parasitic infection in the red blood cells that caused her a host of issues. I hadn’t seen her in a while…the last time I saw her she was run down and not doing so well. There, in the produce section with a basket full of colourful fruit she exuded radiance. The proof was in the pudding.

In a YouTube episode about breast cancer, Dr. Morse laid out my action plan in under 5 min. I liked him immediately. He spoke with conviction and with heart- simply explaining the process of disease as cause and effect. Rather than treating the symptom, he addresses the cause through detoxification and alkalization. In 1972 Dr. Morse walked his talk by going on a 6 month orange fast, experiencing first hand the profound benefits of detoxing. The evidence is in his own experience, along with thousands of people who cured their illness by using his protocol.

He says disease is a state of acidosis-a buildup of waste in our system. He emphasizes the vital importance of functional elimination to repair the body. The lymphatic system acts like the body’s septic system, carrying waste to the kidneys to be filtered out. An overload of toxins and cellular waste material backs up the lymph channel. That’s what can cause lumps and bumps- when waste has nowhere to go. If the kidneys are not functioning properly to get the garbage out…well…we get a shit show.  That’s what disease is…

Dr. Morse doesn’t perceive cancer as a death sentence. He encourages us to understand the process of disease-to take responsibility for our health issues and get to work. I love that he put the onus on me. He says first repair, then rebuild, then regenerate.  I got going on the grapes. 

Animals fast when they are sick because it takes energy to digest food. When the body is compromised, energy must be diverted to the immune, lymphatic and endocrine systems to restore the body back to homeostasis. What I learned was that amino acids build tissue and sustains most bodily functions. Proteins from animals take a lot of energy to break down into usable amino acids. Fruits and veggies have simple amino acids that’s easy for the body to utilize while detoxing. That’s probably why most holistic cancer clinics promote plant based diets for their patients.

In 1927 Johanna Brandt left her home in South Africa with a mission to bring the Grape Cure to America. She discovered that the foods she ate had an effect on the progression and remission of her cancer. After much experimentation on herself, Brandt cured her stomach cancer fasting on grapes. Why grapes? Grapes have a ton of antioxidants to protect cells from free radical damage. Resveratrol in the skin of grapes has shown to be effective in detoxing lymph and kidneys. I bowed down to the queen of fruit and made my commitment.

I ate grapes, grapes and more grapes for 33 days. When I got sick of plunking the plump, fruit into my mouth, I got creative. I made grape slushies, pressed it into juice, and even transformed them into frozen treats. I stayed on course because my life depended on it. Yes, it was hard at first but mortality is a great motivator.  I altered my perception of food. I ate for no other reason than to heal. 

It simplified my life to not have to think about what to eat. After I got over the hump of the first week, I experienced a radical shift. I calibrated to a higher frequency.  I felt elevated… light…like a machine running on clean, boundless energy. My senses became more acute, thoughts were crisp and spacious. I was in love with life.

Dr Morse recommends staying on the fast until the tongue is healthy pink, and the kidneys filtering optimally. By the third day my tongue was coated in black mucus. The sludge coming out the other end was gasp-worthy. Both my bathrooms were equipped with mason jars to inspect my urine. Clear pee indicated that the kidneys were not filtering properly. Cloudy pee with sediment was what I was after. I went for several sessions of colonics to flush out my bowels. What can I say…nothing like being probed in the buttholio to keep it real.

It took 33 days to get clean. I followed Dr. Morse’s recommendation to break the fast by introducing other fruits one at a time. For every three days of fasting- a day of fruit, which meant I’d be a fruitarian for an extra 10 days. After 43 days I’d lost 30 pounds- Al had nothing to grab onto when he reached for my ass. In exchange for the weight lost, I’d gained a whole lot of insight. I was intimately connected to myself-solid on my path.


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