What If I’m Wrong?

What if I’m wrong? What if my knowing is deceiving me to believe that I’ve got this? What if I am overly optimistic, blind, reckless and signing my own death warrant? What if I’m misreading the signs?

Fear is a sly shapeshifter. It can morph into anything to serve its purpose to shake, rattle and bowl you over. It can disguise itself, entering mind like an ordinary thought with a slight edge. It comes in quietly, barely unnoticed, seeking out his friend.

Fear looks into the tiny cracks between thoughts where Doubt likes to live. Doubt and Fear have been BFFs since the beginning of time. They are tied by each others mutual pleasures to wreak havoc on all that is pure and good. They can cause plenty of unpleasantries on their own. Joined together they are a force to be reckoned with. They are relentless in their approach to defeat the human spirit.

There is a fantastic story written in Pema Chodron’s book “When things Fall Apart”. For her final test the master of a young warrior tells her to go into battle with Fear. Even with all the training the young warrior had, her bones shook at the thought of facing the formidable Fear. The day of the battle the warrior stood facing the massive, dark shape of Fear unable to control her shaking.


Even in her terror, the warrior remembered her teachings. Being taught to respect her opponent she went forth, prostrated three times, and asked for permission to go into battle. Surprised, Fear thanked her for her respect in asking. Then drawing up her courage the warrior asked “Fear, how may I possibly defeat you?” Fear replied, “I am very loud, I get right up into your face, terrify you, paralyze you, then command you to do what I say. But… I have no power over you if you don’t obey me.” Heeding Fear’s advice the young warrior was able to defeat it by not obeying Its word.

4 thoughts on “What If I’m Wrong?

  1. Oh Maasa. I am so grateful for you. Thank you for sharing your intimate journey. Reading and watching your videos is helping me on my path in such a significant way. I love you. Xo


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